Welcome Pack

Once the student is accepted, he/she will receive a welcome pack providing detailed information about accommodation, academic schedule and administrative formalities of the assigned universities: exact period of registration for the Master in each university, university facilities (location of international help desk where to step when arriving to each site, foreseen welcome reception for the EM students, welcome reception of the university for all foreign students, how to get the student card for access to library facilities, internet facilities, sports facilities and cultural and social events), facilities for handicapped people, insurance conditions, accommodation (cost of living, university residences, renting flats, …), how to obtain the residence permit for non European citizens and the registration with local authorities for both EU and non EU citizens, visa information for traveling to the country or to travel abroad, and procedures for opening a bank account, etc. Student will be given a unique contact at the International Relations Office (IRO) that will be their administrative referent during their stay in each partner university.

Bank: The IRO has a special agreement with national banks that provide services in English for EM students: information sheet in English, English speaking desk assistant. The IRO contact will help EM students in opening a bank account. In general, it is related to obtaining a residence permit.

Health care: Appointment must be made with the preventive medicine centre on‐campus for a medical checkup.

Sport facilities: The partner universities provide students with both indoor and outdoor sports. More than 35 different sports disciplines are offered.

Services for the disabled: The partner universities provide disabled students with a special service centre dedicated to their needs (for instance Service Accueil Universitaire Handicap, SAUH in Grenoble). Accessible transportation on‐campus and suited apartments are available.

Internet access: WIFI hotspots are located in various building on‐campus. Internet connection is also available in the student residence.