Fellowships. In addition to the Partner Universities, Associate Partners and Research Agencies, such as Regional Councils, may grant fellowships to BioHC applicants whose interest match with their own interest. EACEA Agency can, also, provide fellowships for Doctoral Candidates and for Academics interested in performing research, teaching or other university-related work within the Erasmus Mundus Programme (Action 2).  Doctoral programs can benefit simultaneously from several Partners’ grants, which extend the projected duration of studies for up to and 4 years by agreement of the Scientific Committee, and under the responsibility of the host laboratories. Where candidates need financing for their fourth year of BioHC studies, the Partner Universities will draw on their own funds and on funding from private companies and other sponsors to ensure candidates complete their doctorate. However, the salaries and other benefits vary between funding agencies. The net salary will depend on national taxes and social security contributions. In France, the PhD fellowship holders benefiting from the decree 85-402 (known as recipients of the Ministry of Research) receive for their research a gross annual salary of € 19,800, during 36 months for 3 years.