Mobility schemes

The fellowship’s holders have to: (i) perform their training/research periods in at least two countries represented in the consortium; and (ii) spend most of the doctorate period in the European universities if the fellowship is provided by European grants (versus Asian universities if the fellowship is provided by Asian grants).  Considering the European and the Asian fellowship’s holders, we can consider mainly two mobility schemes: Scheme#1: academic fellowships; and Scheme#2: industrial fellowships:

  • Scheme#1[A, B]. EU Fellowships: 65 % in Primary University (EU) / 35 % in Secondary University (non-EU/EU) / Internship in Industry (less than 6 months). EU applicants (category A) and non-EU applicants (category B) are eligible. For EU applicants, two of the countries visited during the Joint Doctorate activities must be different from the country in which the doctoral candidate has obtained his/her last university degree.
  • Scheme#1[C]. Asian Fellowships: 65 % Primary University (non-EU) / 35 % Secondary University (EU) / Internships in Industry (less than 6 months).
  • Scheme#2[A,B]. Industrial Fellowship (one PI from Industry attached to a Primary or a Secondary University): 65 % Primary University (EU or non-EU) / 35 % Secondary University (EU or non-EU) / Internship in University Lab (EU or non EU). EU applicants (category A) and non-EU applicants (category B) are eligible.

The mandatory mobility periods will be announced in the original Study Plan of the Doctoral Candidate Agreement and will be refined after the first month of the start of the doctoral study (when designing the detailed research proposal after intensive discussion between the candidate, promoters, supervisors and members of the doctoral guidance committee). The research period in the Secondary University has to take at least 6 months. During each PhD project, an industry partner or a hospital center is also involved with the obligation for the PhD student to spend a minimum of 2 months with this non-academic partner.