Enrollment & Student Agreement

Selected students are divided over the Partner Universities based on student’s preference within the limitations of the set minimum and maximum numbers of students per institution.  Enrolment is official, only after paying the participation costs to the account of the Coordinating University. Registration however always takes place administratively at the Coordinating University, but all the students are enrolled with the Partner Universities where they follow their courses. BioHC students are bound to the rules and regulations from each Partner University at which they are enrolled. At the start of the BioHC Master Course, each student is interviewed by their mentor to ensure the study plan of their Master thesis meets the needs of the student (tailor made programme), and that the Students entering the BioHC Master Courses may have only minor deficiencies at the start of the Course. If they do, then they need to attend courses to overcome these deficiencies during their first semester of the BioHC Master Courses.

Upon registration, all students are required to sign a Student Agreement, the content of which is defined by the BioHealth Computing EM Consortium Committee, defining rights and duties of both parties. The Student Agreement cover issues such as the participation costs charged to the student and what they cover, the organization and timing of the academic year together with the examination periods, the student’s obligations concerning his/her attendance to the course/activities and academic performance, as well as the consequences for not respecting these obligations, the amount of the scholarship, the payment scheme with which it is paid and the conditions for interrupting the scholarship.