Student’s Application

The Coordinating Institution provides first-hand support via telephone or e-mail for all questions regarding the application.

Applications contains all materials necessary for further selection (such as letter of motivation, full academic background containing a list of courses followed, obtained grades, information about the ranking of the students in their previous studies, language skills, motivation). Furthermore two recommendation letters will be asked of each student. Students also indicate: (i) the Research project and the Partner University (2nd semester), in which they want to do their research; and (ii) the Partner University where they want to follow their Advanced Courses (1rst semester).

The Coordinating University control the application forms, checks whether students fulfill basic diploma requirements, and prepares an overview for the selection by the BioHC Selection Board. Subsequently the Selection Board selects and ranks the students who can enroll the BioHC Master Course, and that will be proposed for a scholarship.

Once the student’s applications for a scholarship have been accepted by the European Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA), the selected students receive a written admission letter with the information on the program for which they are selected, the planned mobility scheme, and the conditions of the scholarship payment.