Summer School

The Summer School, proposed at the opening of the BioHC Master Courses, in the International Campus of the Archamps Technopole (Geneva Lake area): (i) introduces students to each other and to the staff; (ii) presents the Master Programme to the students ; (iii) starts collective discussions between staff and students regarding their choice of optional modules in their future studies; and (iv) facilitate the exchange between students and hospitals/industry partners.  Organized under the responsibility of the BioHC Scientific Committee, the Summer School brings together scientists and health professionals to present clinical findings in all phases of “bentch to bedside” process. 

The Interactive Training  Initiative (ITI) provides students with concepts, methodology and tools to respond to challenging situation in Clinical and Life Sciences. Introductory conferences on Systems medicine and Bioengineering are given, during each morning, by internationally recognize scientists, and students are invited, during each afternoon and evening, to work together on one R&D project submitted by an industrial partner, by group of 5-6 persons coming from mixed educations and skills. The R&D projects are relevant to modern-day translational research in the field of Public Health. The focus of the ITI is on problem solving through team working: (i) realizing a goal; (ii) on utilizing the available expertise of the team and of the professional and teaching staff. 

The issues to be addressed by the students include:

  1. Scientific approach and in the context of Systems biology
  2. Effectiveness criteria (translational research, predictive model of efficiency, clinical trials technical validation, etc.)
  3. Problems of Industrial property
  4. Socio-ethical responsibility and safety aspects
  5. Market research
  6. Existing development approaches (« competition »)
  7. Regulatory constraints (worldwide rules)
  8. Production (time constraints, scaling-up costs, etc)
  9. Project management from R&D to industrial production (product life cycle)