Awarded degrees

Each Partner university has recently implemented the European “Bachelor-Master-Doctorate” Degree structure according to the Bologna model. The partners fully and automatically recognize the courses and examinations proposed within the BioHC Master course in each University of the Consortium. The students enrolled into the Master Course, and having successfully carried out a period of study in, at least, two universities of the Consortium, will be awarded a Double National Degree and an Original Diploma intitled “BioHealth Computing EMMC” (Erasmus Mundus Master Course).

  1. The Double Degree consists of two independent national degrees awarded by the two hosting universities, providing the ECTS leading to the degree (list below).
  2. The Original Diploma “BioHealth Computing EMMC”, is signed by all the Partner Universities, and delivered in addition to the double diploma.

In addition, a Diploma Supplement will be signed by the President of the BioHC Coordinating Institution. The Diploma Supplement will describe: (i) on one hand the overall organization of the Master Courses and the added value which it brings to the student; and (ii) on the other hand the details of the student’s study programme. It will contain full transcript of all ECTS credits obtained during the master course and will mention the titles of the courses as used at the respective institutions. The Diploma Supplement will mention the name and the degree of the training in English. A legalised translation in French, Spanish, Italian or Romanian of the diploma can be obtained upon request and upon payment of a service fee.

The BioHC Master degrees awarded by the Partner universities are: