Examination & dissertation

The Partner universities agrees to evaluate the students based on the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS). To complete the BioHC Master Courses requirements a student will have to acquire 60 credits in the framework of the BioHC mobility scheme. 30 ECTS are devoted to the master courses, and 30 ECTS to a master thesis, whose defense will be organized during the BioHC Summer School. The partners fully and automatically recognize the courses and examinations developed for the BioHC Master Courses in each of the Partner universities. For each individual subject, the examination criteria of the hosting institutions do apply. Examinations are fully recognized by all Partners of the same training track.

  • Exams take place in the sessions organized by the local partner university, according to the rules of the university.
  • The ECTS (European Credits) are gained for the course if the student passes the exam, according to the rules of the local university.
  • The student obtains the double Master degree if he/she has obtained minimum 60 credits in total.

  • Students who do not pass the exam of the course can get one or more retakes in the same academic year, according to the rules of the local university.
  • Students will be given the opportunity to participate in (re-)examination of subjects of one institution while they are staying at another institution during their Master Course.
  • For the thesis defense, a common monitoring and joint evaluation procedure is organised. An external member is always involved in supervision and grading.  The thesis can only be defended when all other requirements to obtain the degree are fulfilled, so that the commission can be mandated to award the degree or not.
  • Marks are communicated to the secretariat at the Coordinating Institution to be recorded in the general student monitoring database.